What are the Safest SUVs Available?

Every car out there let it be an SUV or a sedan or whatever no matter the cost, one thing that comes unsaid and must be the most basic to be followed is how safe the car can be.

Even though nothing can assure us that by just looking at a car or brand name, safety tests are preferred for these.

If you look at the safest cars around the automobile market, you would be astonished to find how many luxury brands getting dropped off the list.

One thing you can count on when it comes to cars is that you have some reliable brands around that fit into safe car categories but, you cannot pile all your coins on them because the factors leading to a mishap are not just how safe the car can be.

With so many techs available now, the one thing you must look into a car when you are about to pick is how many safety features and driving assistance it can provide.

With the massive leap in technology right now, you can go on and on listing every safety feature or driver’s assistance feature available and even if you want there are extra packages to add more of these features to avoid anything from happening.

It is naturally set in people’s minds now that SUVs are safer than sedans but, there is no actual proof to tell which is safer so, so it is better to stick with facts and go for the safety scores from the tests available to rely on while picking your SUV.

In the below list, we bring to you every SUV that can be trusted when it comes to safety so that you need not go into a showroom and get guided to pick whichever is most beneficial for the dealership.

Safest SUVs Available

Tesla Model Y

While the world is not ready to hold the likes of Elon Musk’s tantrums every now and then, it is an undeniable fact that our first pick is the Tesla Model Y.


The all-electric Tesla Model Y brings more than just good performance to the table, well, that is expected from the car given the price tag that is attached to it.

The Tesla Model Y came out with flying colours during Euro NCAP testing and thus making the mid-size SUV a much more favourable one amongst people who put safety ahead of anything else.

The Tesla Model Y is available at a basic price of $58,490 and the higher the trim, the higher the cost.

Lincoln Nautilus

Another entry into the luxury mid-size SUV arena would be the Lincoln Nautilus that not only provides the luxury but also the safety that should be attached given the price the customer is paying.


Even though the mid-size SUV is expensive overall, the Lincoln Nautilus is still the least expensive one in the Lincoln lineup.

But what attracts the customers most is the safety features offered where the driver’s comfort and everything else becomes a priority with a spacious cabin and user-friendly technology.

It has an impressive and full score in most of the tests conducted including the frontal and side-impact crash testing and only loses a point when it comes to rollover safety.

Otherwise, every safety feature you could name right from the rear cross-traffic alert to Lane-keep assist is available.

Lexus NX

The Lexus NX SUV getting in on the list is no wonder because the brand has kept true to its customers for years.

Lexus NX

The NX SUV walks out of the safety tests with flying colours and maintains to impress its buyers with more than just safety, it goes easy on the eyes too.

With the luxury, the Lexus SUV provides along with the safety factors and so much more, the price tag on the base trim hits $38,605 and even goes up high up to $57k for its range-topping models.

The Lexus NX also offers different powertrains like a hybrid, regular and plug-in hybrid in various trims.

Mazda CX-50

You can find the Mazda CX-50 in almost every list right from affordable, safe and performance lists there is and it is no wonder that it got into the safest SUV for the 2023 model year too.

Mazda CX-50

With the bundle of safety features offering a stylish exterior to a luxurious interior and so much more, the Mazda CX-50 gets the eyes sparkling even with the affordable price tag.

Yes, compared to the rest on the list, the Mazda CX-50 comes with a wallet-friendly price tag of $27,550.

Excluding the headlight, every other test gets out with shining stars for the Mazda SUV and it comes regardless with every name in the safety feature, from Driver-attention monitoring to Forward collision warning paired with pedestrian detection and so much more.

Toyota RAV4 Prime

Toyota is a big name in the reliability factor and nothing seems to change that over the years as expected the hybrid SUV, Toyota RAV4 Prime which is already loved worldwide, gets on the list.

When will RAV4 Prime 2023 be Released

The Hybrid SUV not only remains as one of the most trusted ones out there but also makes sure it ticks off the impressive fuel economy point.

The Hybrid SUV offers user-friendly tech and is spacious and comfortable along with a reasonable price tag of $42,340.

Well, given the comfort, safety and everything else, it offers right from the Forward collision warning to Traffic-sign recognition and more, for the price, it just fits.



The BMW X1 cross off the safety scores of the Europe regulations with ease making its entry into this list.

The BMW X1 offers luxury and the price tag better suits the features offered and you can count on BMW to not let anything slide when it comes to features.

The price tag of the BMW X1 hits $38,600 for the base models and with the impressive scores it has fetched, it takes a spot here as expected.

Ford Bronco Sport

While this may not fit the family SUV arena, if you are an adventurer and prefer taking unexplored roads, then the Ford Bronco Sport is the best option.

Ford Bronco Sport

When it comes to unexplored roads matched with the adventurer blood in you, the most preferred option in that car amongst others would be the safety it can offer.

The affordability factor in the sports SUV is high with a price tag of $29,215 compared to the features, safety and everything else it offers.

The sporty SUV which suits the off-road look has safety features ranging from Forward automatic emergency braking to MyKey and so much more.

Genesis GV70

Another luxury entry into the safest SUV is the Genesis GV70 let it be in any category the SUV is placed in, the luxurious Genesis GV70 ticks off quite a lot of points.

Genesis GV70

The Genesis GV70 makes it a point to get on every list as it offers the cushiest interior, incredibly styled and designed exterior and more.

The Genesis GV70 still maintains to keep the price tag better compared to other luxury names by keeping the price wallet-friendly at $43,150.

The safety features offered range from Forward automatic emergency braking to Rear parking sensors and so much more.

Hyundai Kona

If you do not see a Hyundai in the safe or reliability list, then something is definitely wrong with the list and that being said, Hyundai Kona gets a shout-out in the safest SUVs out there.

2023 Hyundai Kona

Among the other big names and luxury SUVs, this subcompact SUV might be the only one that actually fits the affordability tag for normal buyers who does not have a chopper waiting to pick them up any time.

From Lane-keep assist to Blind-spot monitoring and even the Rear-seat alert to so much more, everything gets added to the list with just a price tag of $22,140.

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