When Will the Genesis GV70 Electric Variant Be Launched?

The Luxury market is making a massive change towards the future by joining in on the fully electric powertrain trend, and the latest to get the electric treatment would be the Genesis GV70.

While this won’t be the first in the line of Genesis to get the EV powertrain, it was previously seen in the G60 SUV and the G80 sedan.

When Will the Genesis GV70 Electric Variant Be Launched

While the promise made by Genesis is that the battery can be recharged to 80% within 20 minutes and so many more, on the outlook, the GV70 looks just as breathtaking as the gasoline variant.

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When will the Genesis GV70 electric be available?

It was announced as a 2023 model, so it was expected to be launched by the end of 2022. But as of now, a release date has not been announced for the Genesis GV70 electric cars.

According to sources, it is set for a 2023 release and that it will be available by the first half of 2023. So stay tuned for more updates.

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Will there be a 2023 GV70?

Yes, even though the focused release of 2023 in GV70 is the electric variant, the Genesis company does not plan to discontinue the other powertrain variants.

So, it will continue the non-electric variant even for 2023.

When can I order a 2023 Genesis GV70?

If you are wondering when you can book the electric Genesis GV70, then you have to wait a little longer as the launch date hasn’t been announced yet.

If you are looking to order the non-electric powertrain G70, you can book them earlier than the EV version.

What is the cost of the Genesis GV70 EV?

What is the cost of the Genesis GV70 EV

Even though Genesis has not announced any official price chart, the estimated cost of the three variants has been released.

The entry-level variant, Base, is priced at $65,000 as of now. And the mid-level variant is priced at $75,000, and the top-spec variant is priced at $85,000.

As of no further details on the trims or any other features have been announced, so stay tuned for more.

What’s new in the 2023 Genesis GV70?

Well, the details that would be added to the new GV70, the all-new electric version of the G70, haven’t been announced in detail yet.

But for now, the significant change in your regular yet luxuriously stunning G70 is that it is getting an electric powertrain making it a whole new GV70.

How is the performance of Genesis GV70?

The all-new luxury Genesis GV70 comes with a standard build of all-wheel drive, giving it a significant boost by placing two batteries that will pump the car and deliver 483 horsepower.

What range does the Genesis GV70 offer?

Genesis is still mum on what the all-new version of G70 will offer, but experts have predicted that the GV70 will offer 300 miles per charge.

The battery capacity or the range offered will be announced soon, but we expect it to deliver spectacular results like the non-electric versions.

How is the interior of Genesis GV70?

How is the interior of Genesis GV70

As we have already mentioned, the Genesis GV70 retains most of its features for the interior from the G70.

While no new modifications have been announced as of yet, we expect it to be way similar to the non-electric version so that you can expect extraordinary performance, comfort and luxury in this sub-compact SUV too.

Is the GV70 worth buying?

Yes, for the performance, luxury and comfort offered in the Genesis GV70, the cost is well-suited, and that makes the compact SUV worth spending your money on.

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