When do I Need to Fix My Windshield Crack?

A cracked windshield is not like the cracked spectacles you go on wearing as if you are a mad scientist, a cracked windshield deserves a remedy as soon as possible.

From flying insects to beautiful rose petals to every non-harming stuff along with the harming ones that roam the air met with our polluted atmosphere is what makes one per cent of the population on what could get your car to create trouble for your safety.

fix my windshield crack

No one can convince us that taking care of a car is easy and in terms of money they are never cheap, but that does not give us the leeway to let it not bother us because safety comes first.

Depending on the size or area of the crack on your windshield the when and the how to fix the glass follows.

What can cause Windshield to crack?

There are many obvious options like a clash or a bump with another vehicle or a bump into a tree or any impact of that kind but these are things that make it obvious.

But sometimes, what people fail to know is that even heavy rain or thunderstorm or heavy snow can cause cracks on your windshield especially if your car is old or not well maintained.

You can obviously expect projectiles, gravel or other physical objects like the tree or tree branch to cause it but no matter what, you cannot avoid every single thing.

So, while you are on the lookout, take a regular maintenance check on your car at the right interval.

Do I need to get my windshield replaced if it has a crack?

This depends on the severity of the crack. If the polyvinyl butyral layer is affected in your windshield then no amount of repair is gonna help you fix it.

In that case, no matter how big or small the crack it is best advised to replace the windshield using scotch tape or other industrial adhesive is not useful or safe in these cases.

How much does it cost to replace a windshield?

The windshield cost comes different for each make and model but they are not cheap. The lower-level cars get a price tag of $250 and the luxury ones go up to $1000.

So, there is no cheating your way out of it when you need your windshield replaced. But, many insurances cover the cost, so if you have detailed insurance coverage, you can escape making your wallet empty.

But, no matter what, do not go for non-branded windshields. Go for the original ones even if they are expensive because safety is more important than cutting down some shopping or spendings that month.

When do I Need to Fix My Windshield Crack?

Take note of the severity of your windshield crack, if the crack end or even begins at the edges then, they need to be replaced asap.

fix my windshield crack

There is no time to relax when the edges are cracked because the car is not safe to drive anymore, if this happens it is better to call a tow truck to give you a lift to the mechanic.

In case you cannot afford to pay immediately or for any other reason get the tow truck to drop it somewhere safe or at your house, but do not drive the car even if it is for a small errand.

In case, the crack is small or not around the edges or not in the line of the driver’s sight, then you can drive it yourself to the mechanic.

Unless the polyvinyl butyral layer is damaged too you need not have the glass replaced for a small crack, but it is always better to get a professional’s opinion since we cannot predict the exact impact of every crack just by description.

To summarise, never let a crack on the windshield be there for long without any inspection. Even though there are different types of cracks and different ways to fix them, always opting to do it yourself will not help it.

To make sure your journey is safe, drive following the traffic rules and keep your car well maintained and often do maintenance check.

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