Tips to Wash Car at Home

Car washing ain’t an easy task; more than that, we rarely have the time and energy in the fast-paced world. Dropping the car for a quick wash is possible, but you don’t get the satisfaction that’s why many end up doing it themselves.

It may take time and effort but washing your car yourself and perfecting every detail gives you satisfaction like none. We are sure you already have all the goods you need to make that car of yours shine through wind and rain, but a little help from experts won’t help.

Ingredients needed for the best car wash

While we think we got the basics of car washing covered, there is still something many tend to miss. So, we would like to be your talking guide.

Let us share some tips and wisdom from what we have acquired about car washing from home.

Tips to Wash Car at Home

Ingredients needed for the best car wash

Now, you can wash a car with just water but it won’t help you in any way it is just clean momentarily until you take the car back on the road.

So, best to get the carwash done with some external help, so we will list down the things you need to make a proper carwash at home.

  • Unconditional water supply with a long hose.
  • Car wash sponge or mitt 
  • Microfiber clothes (many)
  • Large towels (to dry if possible made of microfiber)
  • 3 buckets filled with water. One each for clean water, rinsing the sponge after cleaning and one for cleaning solution designed for cleaning wheels.
  • Vacuum cleaner (for interior cleaning)
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wheel cleaner (liquid)
  • Window cleaner

These should get you through a complete carwash at home, and this may take time, but you won’t have to depend on someone else to clean the car the way you want, and frankly, it saves you some bucks.

Now, before you put all these products to use, make sure to follow the instructions given in your car wash liquids. Some are only suitable for new cars. Most old car owners thus prefer car waxes and their substitutes to avoid affecting the coatings.

Best weather to wash your car

While playing with water and getting your kids to help you wash the car on a sunny day seems more plausible, experts recommend not doing that.

Now the reason is that while you apply cleaning agents or other substitutes, while your car is in direct sunlight then, it drys up quickly, and the result would be swirl marks or those droplet residues on the car when you are done.

So, the best weather would be a gloomy day when the sun is not at its peak. Parking your car in a levelled and free space while washing is also important as it helps you open all doors and clean freely without any hindrance.

Car Wheel Cleaning

Wheels are the part of the car that needs a lot of work as they are the muddiest. While you may luck a little if your daily routines avoid a lot of mud roads, the rest have to worry a lot about cleaning the wheels.

Car Wheel Cleaning

So, the first part of car washing is cleaning the wheels. It is highly recommended to have separate cleaning devices for wheel cleaning.

Investing in non-corrosive wheel cleaners, cleaning brushes (made for wheels), extra sponges, and microfibre clothes are advised.

Apply the cleaner on the wheel a few hours before you start cleaning, let it set in and then use the brush to clean it off. It is highly recommended to wash them off with clean cold water after this, followed by drying them off with a microfibre towel.

Car Headlight Maintenance

Tips to Wash Car at Home

Cleaning the headlights can not only help maintain the appearance of the car but also its efficiency.

You can wash your headlights by using the cleaning solution followed by a thorough cleaning with a water-soaked cloth. After washing, apply a protective coating to restore the headlights.

Exterior Cleaning

Start to clean from the top to the bottom of the car. Use soapy water to clean the body parts and use the hose to water the body from the top and follow suit by wiping the car with a microfibre towel.

Make sure that the car is completely dry before you use car wax or protective coating to finish it off.

Car Interior Cleaning

Car Interior Cleaning

Remove the waste or any kind of trash from the car and take out the mats. Wash it with hot water and soap. 

Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the seats, the floor and the area in between the pedals. Pick out car interior cleaner and spray it on the steering, dashboard and other interiors.

You can use wipes to clean the sprayed area. 

Cars Widows and Glass 

The windows and glass of the car are important parts of the car, and many miss out on cleaning the glass and windows on the inside too.

To keep your car clean on all rounds, make sure to use a proper glass cleaning liquid that is not too hard on the glass. 

It is best advised to spray the cleaner on the window or glass and wipe it off immediately with a microfibre cloth. Follow the same for the insides of the glass and windows, too, for a pristine look.

These tips should be helpful for any type of car you own. Taking care of your car may involve time, but the end result is very satisfying.

Car owners with kids and pets onboard might be in need of these tips more than others. Pet owners might put vacuum cleaners, velcro rollers, and wire brushes to good use to remove dog hairs.

Remember to close the car’s doors only when the interior is completely dried. Make sure not to use water-soaked clothes on infotainment units and the steering.

If you found these tips helpful and are always on the lookout for more such or the hottest wheels dropping in the market, then we are the best site for you. Bookmark us; we never let our loyal readers down.

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