How to Maintain Your Car in Summer? Zooming Car in the Scorching Sun!

Car’s Summer Drinks

Its that time of the year when the sun reminds you of its existence every waking second and neither you nor your car can avoid it naturally

No matter how well you plan your day ahead, you cannot avoid the scorching sun and neither can your car even if it is parked in a well-built garage, there is no complete escape from the heat that burns through our summer days.

We can apply sunscreen, get cool drinks and take all the summer fruits and hide inside an air-conditioned room and do so much more to cheat the sun but we don’t think our cars no matter how much we spent on them, is capable of preparing itself for the summer yet.

So. let us be your guiding light this summer helping you maintain your car so that it does not suffer from the ill effects of the beautiful summer season.

Well, to those wondering if vehicles require seasonal maintenance too, yes, they do and they sometimes need more than us.

Speaking from experience, yes, if you look at it you won’t have an immediate reaction in your car’s system, for summer but the well-accumulated troubles all act up at once causing you to spend a lot all at once to fix the troubles faced.

So, we suggest, you keep your car well-maintained and ready for the glistening rays of the sun so that you can have a smooth ride out of the season.

If there are maintenance hacks for the summer then we have them for Winter too, so if you are looking to prepare beforehand for the Winter that is coming, don’t worry we got that covered too.

We at Autoscooper, bring you the scoop to keep your car from landing in the repair shop unwantedly.

Air Con with Better Con

When it comes to summer, it is hard to survive the heat if we cannot blast the air conditioner in full force and that goes the same for vehicles too.


Many even leave their car running with full AC on while they make a short errand run to pick up the ice cream.

Now, given that AC is the first thing that we switch on when it comes to getting into a parked car in the summer, no one can predict the type of rays and air particles that can get transferred into the AC filter during the heat wave.

Now, if you have the latest model vehicle which comes with an air filter then you are safe but even that needs maintenance.

So, yes, the AC which you switch on in a few seconds every time you take out your car, needs to be checked at regular intervals.

If they are not taken care of they tend to just give you heat waves back at you and spoil more than just your makeup for the day in the long run.

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Car’s Summer Drinks

Like humans, vehicles have their very own set of summer cool drinks, that help them beat the heat and stay cool and refreshed so fill up on all the fluids that your vehicle requires.

Car’s Summer Drinks

The most important is the coolant liquid which stands to give you more advantages and it is a must to check on its level and keep it to its recommended level to avoid overheating the engine.

The same goes for transmission fluid, power steering fluid and even the windshield wiper fluid which may not be as crucial as the coolant fluid but they are a must for you to check if you are planning on keeping your vehicle in better shape and going for longevity.

So, either check on the coolant and other fluids level yourself and fill them up, otherwise just give your local mechanic a short visit to get them done because the troubles caused after the fluids level remains low for a long time is dangerous.

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Revived and Pristine Battery

car battery maintenance

Many are mistaken that only cold can be deemed dangerous for the car’s battery, but as much as the cold that can freeze it out is dangerous, the heat that can melt it out is equally dangerous.

That is why keeping the Battery on a regular watch when it comes to the summer season is important.

Heat will not just overheat your battery but will also end up getting all the fluids evaporated so that is why we asked you to keep a check on the fluid levels too.

So, the best solution found for the battery issue is, keeping your battery clean, yes something as simple as that can help you keep it working well.

The battery needs to be checked on and every connecting terminal in and out needs to be cleaned and attached again properly to make sure there are no ill effects of heat.

By doing so you will know better when your battery tends to overheat so keep it in check and for any discrepancies, you can visit the nearby mechanic for a quick check.

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Take a break but Don’t Take your Brake For Granted

No matter what season or what month you are in, it is never not the time for a routine brake check. After all, everything that matters in the end is how safe are you in your car.

car routine brake check

After the harsh winter, it is best suggested to get your brakes checked in order to make sure the brake linings and pad and everything else lined up are in the correct order so that you can assure your family’s safety on the roads.

If your brakes are either too easy or too hard or when it makes weird squeaky noise, it needs a quick run down to the mechanic as the brake needs maintenance.

Keep it clean inside and out!

Keeping the car clean both on the inside and out does not just contribute to the appearance of the car but also helps in other ways.

car inside clean

Summer heat can penetrate inside the car too and if you have a messy interior with trash and plastics left unchecked or the dashboard melted into then you have more trouble on your hands as the cost to fix it is no chump change.

The same goes for the exterior which is left unwashed and not maintained as the summer heat has a way of working its magic on the paint and removing the exterior coating causing the damages to get more direct.

Winter is Over!

Now, if you are from the parts of the Earth with harsh winters then the tips you followed for car Winter maintenance are high and it is high time you untangle all the winter prep you did for your car.

Like you cannot wear the same winter wardrobe for summer, the same thing goes for vehicles, so you have to undo most of the things you made for winter prep.

The most followed procedure by people in harsher winter areas is the winter tyres, so change them out with summer ones.

The oil needs to be checked and changed while you are dealing with other fluids as the winter leaves most of them frozen while summer has the opposite effect.

The car after a long harsh winter has sediments left under it, so make sure to clean them out before you gear up for the summer.

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Winter Blades out Summer Blades In!

Windshield wipers may look the same but both summer and winter have drastic effects on them and even though they make it look like no big deal, they play one of the most important part in our safety.

The visibility of the road in the harsh snow or the visibility of the roads in the blazing sun followed by sudden summer rainstorms all depend on the windshield wiper.

So make sure it is in good condition after the long winter and ready for the colourful summer.

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