What are the Safest Cars available in 2023?

If you are just going after the tech, you can pick from the thousands of cars available in the market, if not the hundreds of models dropping each passing year, but safety is a whole other topic.

No matter what you cannot go with blindly trusting a car just because its price tag hits the expensive mark. The safety features in a vehicle are far more important no matter what luxury the car can offer instead.

With a lot of driver’s assistance and safety features launched each year with new technology revolutionizing the automobile industry, it is still not safe to bet it completely on instincts and that is exactly why we bring to you the list of all the safest cars available for the 2023 model year.

We at Autoscooper believe that no matter how comfortable, luxurious and efficient the car is, it loses all scope when it fails to deliver the passengers of their safety and that is why it is good to be calm and decide one can make it worthwhile your time and also offers you the utmost safety.

Safest car to drive in 2023 are follows:

How safe is the Acura Integra?

How safe is the Acura Integra

No matter which site you pick you will see the Acura Integra in every list when it comes to safety and that assures the safety factor and also helps you look into the sedan in a much more positive manner.

While the sports compact passes off every safety test with flying colours the only factor that seemed to stay on the average of scores is the headlight.

The range of the standard safety features offered in the Acura Integra stretches from pedestrian detection, and traffic jam assistance to automatic emergency braking and so much more.

Is the Toyota Camry safe?

Is the Toyota Camry safe

It is not surprising to see the Toyota Camry here as it is one of the highest-scoring vehicles in its segment and that makes it a definite in the safest cars list no matter the year you pick it up.

While some safety features like blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert come with extra bucks, that does not mean that the Toyota Camry will have lesser standard safety features.

Name whatever from your mind you would see is already protecting you in the Toyota Camry and that is what makes the Camry one of the favourites in its segment even with years passed.

How reliable is the Mazda 3?

How reliable is the Mazda 3

Well, the 2023 Mazda 3 does not just grace our safest car list but also enters our most affordable car list thus fulfilling both the basic needs of an economic family car.

When it comes to style, then you need not worry as it is Mazda’s area of expertise and with the safety and affordability tag, it just becomes easy to pick it.

Right from Blind-spot monitoring to driver attention alert and so much more the safety features offered in Honda Civic is nothing less that can be covered in one go.

Is the Honda Civic safe?

Is the Honda Civic safe

The trademark Honda family sedan that has taken over the family market for years will as always get on the list of safest cars even in 2023.

The 2023 Honda Civic crosses all the safety tests with ease and even crosses off which Acura Integra couldn’t in the headlight arena.

The family sedan and hatchback keep up with the safety features up to date ranging from adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and even Blind-spot monitoring.

Is the Genesis G90 safe?

Is the Genesis G90 safe

It is saddening to see that the safest cars list does not have many of the luxury name brands in the automobile realm and that’s where the Genesis G90 comes to play.

The Genesis G90 does not just come off as oozing luxury but it also puts safety as a priority and excels in every crash test conducted with an even solid headlight score.

The standard features included in the safety protocols of the Genesis G90 exceed beyond limits right from Forward collision avoidance assistance to driver attention warning and so much more.

Is the Toyota Corolla reliable?

Is the Toyota Corolla reliable

Another star player in the family segment is the Toyota Corolla and you can expect the trademark Toyota reliability factor in every unit produced.

Let it be the Toyota Corolla sedan or the hatchback it comes out glorious with all the safety tests and makes the Toyota name proud.

Name any safety feature and you will have it already in the Toyota Corolla right from the pedestrian detection, and lane departure alert to Blind-spot monitoring and much more.

Is Hyundai Sonata safe to use?

Is Hyundai Sonata safe to use

Hyundai has a stronghold name in the family segment in the automobile market and that makes the Sonata one of the reasons why it is widely accepted as one of the safest tech cars in the market.

The Hyundai Sonata ranges ahead of many midsize sedans and offers safety features that reassure the passengers that the sedan will give you a safe ride back and forth.

Right from the Remote Smart Parking Assist that will be made available in the range-topping models, to every other safety feature you can name, the sedan goes through them all with ease making the passengers safe at every exit.

How safe is the Toyota Sienna?

How safe is the Toyota Sienna

Given that Toyota is one of the most reliable car producers worldwide, it is not shocking to see another Toyota in the safest cars list.

The Toyota Sienna like the other Toyota products lives up to its reputation and keeps well with its rivals by keeping the safety of passengers a top priority.

As expected, the family favourite Toyota Sienna will come loaded with safety features right from the basics to the most updated tech available.

Is it safe to use the Lexus ES?

Is it safe to use the Lexus ES

This beautiful Lexus ES not only gets people raving about its comfort but also dips its toes in the safe pond making it one of the perfect buys if you are going for a stylish yet safe car.

Most of the standard safety features available in the rivals are a part of the Lexus ES without having to pay any extra bucks from your side.

Including the automatic high beams to adaptive cruise control and so much more in the standard features list, makes it the perfect fit for the safest cars of 2023 list.

How safe is the Subaru Legacy?

The Subaru Legacy quenches your thirst for a safe Subaru and it delivers it with perfection nevertheless. To call Subaru an emerging brand in the reliability and family segment would not be wrong.

While the Legacy did not achieve over-the-top results in every safety test, it did achieve good scores overall and has maintained to satisfy the criteria even for newly introduced tests.

While some safety features can be availed in the Subaru Legacy by paying extra other standard variety of safety features are available in the Subaru making it worth the money and offering customer satisfaction to the maximum.

Is the Honda Odyssey safe?

Is the Honda Odyssey safe

The Honda Odyssey may not be as popular as the other Honda siblings but it necessarily enters our safest cars of 2023 list as it has always kept safety its utmost priority.

The only area it falls short is the headlight rating otherwise the Honda Odyssey makes up to every expectation set on it for years.

As expected the standard safety features in the Honda Odyssey for the 2023 model year range from adaptive cruise control to automatic high beams to so much more making it worth every second to be included in this list.

With Toyota getting three entries with each star player in its segments, this makes the car maker, once more the most reliable.

And not that surprising to see most of the luxury car makers getting left out and if you are keen on utmost safety and prefer luxury then we suggest you go for the Genesis G90.

The one with the next number of entries is the Honda and frankly, that is not surprising either. Safe travels.

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