When Will the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR Be Launched?

How much will a 2023 Corolla GR cost

If you were ever a fan of the Toyota Corolla, then the GR-tuned ones must keep you giggling with both excitement and joy for the thrilling ride it is about to unleash from the 2023 model year.

When Will the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR Be Launched
2023 Toyota Corolla GR

One thing that you can count on Toyota to deliver is reliability and well-affordable vehicles, but the car giant has decided not to stay in just the reliable pond and has shot itself into the spine-thrilling adventurous brand.

The compact hatchback Corolla gets the GR treatment, and it has given results that can make any car buff spruce up from the seats.

Toyota already experimented with the GR treatment with the Toyota Yaris, and now the Corolla GR is giving more than just your standard results. Corolla not only just follows Yaris but also gets the same turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine from it.

This spruced-up new GR Corolla not only adds the much-needed thrill to the Toyota lineup but also gives the results users want, and that might be the reason why it is not only listed as one of the top cars of 2023 it is also ranked second among all the cars of the same range preceded only by Honda Civic Type R.

When will the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla be released?

Toyota will drop the new 2023 Toyota GR Corolla after it conducts the same experiments with the Yaris.

Toyota Corolla has three variants, Core, Circuit Edition and Morizo Edition. The Core variants have been launched in November 2022 and are available for booking.

But the Circuit and Morizo edition variants would be released only around the spring of 2023.

How much will a 2023 Corolla GR cost?

The 2023 Corolla GR will be introducing three variants, and the price differs as the performance and efficiency leap in bounds.

How much will a 2023 Corolla GR cost

The entry-level variant, Core, will be priced at $36,995. The mid-variant, Circuit Edition, will be priced at $43,995.

Finally, the top-end variant, which is loaded with features and raised in performance and efficiency Morizo Edition, will be priced at $50,995.

The GR Corolla was created to pit against other sports compact rivals, and to be honest, the results have been tremendous as the Honda Civic Type R only precedes the 2023 Corolla GR in ranks.

Will there be a 2023 Toyota Corolla GR?

Yes, 2023 will mark the release year of the Toyota Corolla GR. The first variant will be available by the end of 2022, while the mid and top-spec variants will be available by the spring of 2023.

We are yet to get full-on information on what all the changes the Toyota Corolla GR will be getting, but from what has been revealed, we can likely expect the Toyota Corolla GR to race against legend-tier counterparts like Golf R and upcoming Civic Type R.

To make this possible, the Morizo edition will lose its rear seats, and many other dead weights will be removed to make up for higher performance and efficiency.

How many cars would be produced in Toyota Corolla GR Morizo Edition?

Toyota has announced that there will be only 200 units produced in the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR Morizo Edition.

The mid and top variants will be released by spring 2023, if you are aiming to get in on the Morizo edition, stay tuned to Autoscooper, and the early bird gets to own it.

What is the type of engine in the Toyota Corolla GR?

The Toyota Corolla GR takes after the Toyota Yaris GR by having the same turbocharged three-cylinder engine as the latter.

If you are from the US, then you might miss out on the Toyota GR Yaris. But, the GR Corolla does not retain the same efficiency.

The efficiency has been spruced up massively for the GR Corolla as the hatchback delivers 43 more horsepower than GR Yaris.

Not only that, the only drive system available is the all-wheel drive in all variants, along with six-speed manual transmission. No other options have been added as of now.

But the options are available in the power distribution modes with all-wheel drive, and they would be front-to-rear 60/40 for regular drives, 50/50 for racing (gives max traction) and 30/70 for any kind of drifting tricks.

How is the fuel economy of the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR?

Even though Corolla GR offers good fuel economy compared to the rest, it still does not cross the levels set by the regular hatchback Corolla.

The GR Corolla variant delivers a fuel economy of 21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

How is the interior of the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR?

How is the interior of the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR

The GR Corolla retains most of the features from the normal Corolla Hatchback, making it the best already in terms of quality and features, to add it on, we get trendy, sporty features to compliment the GR Corolla.

The GR Corolla comes loaded with options and features while the Morizo edition makes the most alterations.

The top-spec variant removes its rear seats and every other dead weight possible to deliver the highest quality in every step possible.

When can I buy a GR Corolla 2023?

As of now, you can buy the Core variant of the GR Corolla in your nearby dealerships or Toyota showrooms.

The Circuit and Morizo editions can be booked only in 2023.

Will Toyota Make More GR Corolla?

The reviews have been good so far, even without the mid and top-end variant dropping, so there are chances that the GR Corolla line will be extended to the coming years.

But if you are vying for Morizo edition, you have to get in the line for the 200 units alone that would be produced.

The Toyota Corolla GR has already rivalled the likes of many sports compact legends even before its top-spec variant launch.

If you really need to know more, we suggest you visit the nearby Toyota dealerships to get a whiff of what is to come.

To stay tuned to every update possible regarding the limited editions, we suggest you subscribe to Autoscooper as soon as possible.

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