Should I Buy The Car In The Showroom or Book It Directly From The Factory?

Should I Buy The Car In The Showroom

If you are in the market for a new car, then we are pretty sure your stress level is high and to add to it, are you wondering if you should just pick up a vehicle from the inventory available or book and wait for the company to deliver?

When it comes to buying a car, it is no easy deal; to make it worse, there are no well-set rules to follow while going car shopping.

Should I Buy The Car In The Showroom

We take it our inane duty to list out everything we know to help you make the right choice every step of the way, and we do so by updating you on everything that is happening around the globe in the automobile industry, even to help you pick the right car.

New car from the showroom Vs Ordering the vehicle from the factory?

Well, if we are being completely honest, both have their pros and cons. In any decision you are to be making, it is better to know the pros and cons of both and weigh them and come to a conclusion on which is best suited for you.

Does buying off the stock in the showroom have any advantage?

This has various pros; the best one is that you can get it back home quickly. If you need to wait longer for your vehicle to arrive, if you are in a rush to buy a new car, or if you are an impatient buyer, then this is the way to go.

The next best thing is you get to see your car physically and even go for a short drive if you are going for the vehicle in the inventory. This can give you a better feel of the comfort and even the way it feels behind the steering.

This is a big plus in bargaining and deal negotiation as the cars already in the dealer’s inventory is something they will bend to sell and be willing to negotiate. The vehicles that have touched the dealer’s ground will immediately mean that a part of the amount for the car has been paid. So, the motivation for the dealership to sell the vehicle is high.

Does buying off the stock in the showroom have any disadvantages?

Does buying off the stock in the showroom have any disadvantages

You can pick from what they offer, but you cannot expect everything to be perfectly in sync with your wishlist. The biggest con for people who have too many preferences or have their dream car in mind already is that they cannot settle for buying a vehicle from the lot, so it becomes their biggest nightmare.

Suppose you are an auto buff who has very bad self-control. In that case, we suggest you forget or erase the route to the dealership from your head because you can cancel your factory-ordered car, but you cannot just regret following day about the car that is about to be delivered to you in hours.

Does booking a car from the factory have any advantages?

All the thrills of this one are that you can know and design how exactly you want your car to be. From building your own set of additional features or package offers, you can go for so many options here and make your dream car turn into a reality. Customisation is the most significant benefit offered when booking a car directly.

Right from the engine to the transmission to the roof of your car to the seat material, everything can be picked up by you and can be delivered just the way you want it. Getting to witness the car being made into a reality is another pro.

Does booking a car from the factory have any disadvantages?

This is definitely not something which is in a hurry would prefer. It takes months, and high-end luxury cars sometimes take a year or two. So, if you have already traded your old car or want to show off your new car to the people around, then we suggest you stay away from doing it this way.

Does booking a car from the factory have any disadvantages

Sometimes, what you order precisely won’t be delivered. Customisation takes time, and in some cases, by the time the car is done, some features or options may not be available or not be possible to apply for the selected car. Not everything promised on the website may be necessarily known to be made into the perfect vehicle you want. So, it is better to keep an open mind that all of what you expect may not be done or just go for the car that you can physically test and buy.

Factory-ordered vehicles yield no big profits for the dealerships. That’s why they do not push you much towards it, too, and that might also be the reason why we don’t see it happen often. Unless it is a tope-end luxurious car, we barely see customisation done. And this will also be bad for you to negotiate because they aren’t much interested in helping you build your own car. So, if you plan on negotiating, then we suggest you drop this method.

So which method is the best?

We have listed all the pros and cons there are, and it is entirely up to you to decide which one best suits your needs and budget. If you are just going to pick a car which is standard with all the features, then you go for buying off the lot.

But, if you want to make heads turn while you ride down the street, then you better jump on the factory-ordered ones. But for this, you need to have extreme patience and also have an open mind to some changes that would be made to fit in all your requests. Chances are, sometimes some features you requested won’t be available.

So, you can go for both methods and keep in mind to check up on reviews and what others say about them even before you set foot at the dealership.

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