How To Remove Car Dents at Home?

How To Remove Car Dents at Home

Having car dents can ruin the car’s appearance and drain your spirit if you are a car buff who likes to keep the vehicle in good shape. Autoscooper suggest very easy and important tips for remove car dents at home.

While minor dents sometimes can go unnoticed bigger ones may be a sore to the eye, and sometimes dents can hinder the vehicle’s performance if it’s in the wrong spot.

How To Remove Car Dents at Home

One thing that could give car owners a mild heart attack is having new vehicles go through even the smallest of dents. 

While your eyes won’t move on from that dent, sometimes even the onlooker’s eye will switch to the dent immediately, as we know the remaining area of the new car will look pristine.

Can you fix car dents at home?

Yes, you can.

If we tell you that you can actually take out minor or sometimes significant dents at home without spending more on the car for the professional also just to do the same, will you be surprised?

We know that you are already excited because now you need to worry about the extra money you have to huff up and can do the fix yourself in the comfort of your home. 

Here are some tried and proven methods to remove the dents yourself. Yes, this way, you need not tell your parents about the dent you just got on the new car while you took it out to goof around with your friends.

The dent may be caused by nature, like heavy rain or hail, or by something that happened due to your error or the one in the other vehicle, anyway, you can get it fixed if you know the trick.

It can be your Bentley or a day-to-day Subaru, you can fix them either way if you would just trust and do it the way we guide you to.

Suction Tools

Sometimes the answer is right in front of us we just don’t look that deeply. Yes, the suction tool is Plunger, yes, the regular plunger you use in your house could be used to remove dents.

Can you fix car dents at home

The answer is very simple, either a small dent or a big dent, and it can be solved with a plunger. Make sure you don’t overdo it but use the plunger as usual and try to lift out the dent.

Experts recommend using the cup plunger and not the flange one. This can work if the dents are on the side panels or the doors, and it would be easy for you too.

Bumper Dents

Boiling water has healing properties not only for your body but also for car bumpers. Most cars have plastic bumpers nowadays, so hot water should do the trick.

You need to boil the water and pour it hot on the bumper where the dent is in. Once you pour the water, give the dent a little push from the inside, and since hot water would’ve made the plastic melt, it would quickly get fixed.

Make sure your water is hot enough but refrain from using anything hotter to fix it.

Cooling Technique

Bot hot and cold can both help remove dents. If you have access to dry ice, then use it to take out the dent.

But handling dry ice must be done carefully, so make sure to wear gloves to protect your hand. Once you have layered up, use the ice to rub on the surface of the dent.

Once you have rubbed enough on the surface, it will pop out by itself and does not require any push from your side.

If you want to speed up this process, you can use a blow dryer to heat up the surface before using dry ice.

Compressed Air Combination

The amount of work heat could get done dents is impressive and adding it with compressed air is a sure hit formula.

Use your hair dryer on the maximum setting point and use it to blow on the dents. Once the surface is heated, use the compressed air can react to the hot surface.

The heat of the hair dryer combined with the compressed air will pop out the dents and will require no push from your side.

Professional Tools

While you can use these simple hacks to remove minor or medium dents, that cannot be that easy for more significant dents.

So in case you find yourself with a big dent, then try purchasing some tools that are designed to take out dents and fix damages on the car exteriors.

There are a wide variety of tools available in the market, before purchasing one, make sure you look into the tools well before you go for them.

Also, ensure you read the instructions of those tools you are about to use well because even a slight miscalculation from your side might end up causing more damage to the vehicle than before.

Dual Side Technique

Sometimes there may be cases where you have to apply pressure on both sides. One of the best ways to do that is by using a long metal rod or knockdown (wooden/rubber).

In this method, usually, people use the metal rod on the underside of the dent and give the push and use the rubber or wooden knockdown on the other side to apply pressure on both sides.

The dent should pop out without any issue and without any damage to the vehicle.

These are some of the methods you can try at home without needing any professional help. Even though these methods are effective, it is best to avoid dents on the whole.

Try covering up your vehicle well to avoid any kind of damage from nature, and make sure you drive at the allotted speed and do not rashly drive to prevent any types of dents in the car.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and drive safely to avoid dents. No matter the methods, dents will leave some kind of scar on the car, so avoid it as much as possible.

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