Can I Buy the 2023 Lexus RC Sports Car?

While the Lexus RC may not be as rivaled as it was before, it has still maintained to keep up with the ever-evolving sports car market, making it a solid place to stand.

The 2023 Lexus RC even manages to stay relevant in the current stormy market with the advantages only Lexus can bring.

While the Lexus give you a comfortable ride given that it is a sports car, this can make it more likable among those going for the sporty exterior but still prefer comfort.

Can I Buy the 2023 Lexus RC Sports Car

And another advantage would be the spacious front row that Lexus RC provides. Even though it brings directly influencing the cramped rear seat.

While the look of the car is much more monstrous and up to the sports car standards, it fails in areas such as speed or handling.

Users and even experts have declared that if Lexus RC can pick up speed like its rivals and get better at handling, it can renter the top spots in the luxury sports car arena.

If you are just a fan of the sports car looks and looking for an affordable sports coupe, then Lexus RC might just be your cup of tea.

If you are not just in the market for luxury and appearance alone and would rather prefer having the performance to back it up, then we suggest you can go for other two-door coupes which are far more reliable.

What is the cost of the 2023 Lexus RC?

The 2023 Lexus RC comes out in four variants. The entry-level variant, RC 300, starts off at a price of $45,470.

If you are just in it for the trendy looks Lexus RC delivers, then experts suggest sticking with the RC 300, the entry-level variant, which is much more affordable than the RC350, which offers the same exterior stylings.

The RC 350 is priced at $48,400, and if you opt for the all-wheel drive, you have to chip in extra.

The RC 300 F Sport is priced at $50,090 and offers more features, and then comes to the RC 350 F Sport, which is the top-spec model and is priced at $53,020.

While everything about Lexus RC yells sporty and trendy, the car rarely lives up to it from all angles, and that might be one of the reasons why it is easily affordable?

Will the Lexus RC be redesigned in 2023?

The Lexus RC is not getting redesigned in 2023, but it will be getting some minor changes, as in the infotainment screen gets a touchscreen, and a new appearance package for the exterior will be made available for the both RC 300 F Sport and RC 350 F Sport.

The appearance package will include 19-inch Enkei wheels along with a two-toned grey and black exterior.

What engines does the 2023 Lexus RC have?

The base-level variant RC 300 has a turbocharged four-cylinder which is only available with eight-speed automatic transmission, which delivers 241 horsepower with a standard rear-wheel system and has the optional all-wheel drive.

The RC 300 all-wheel drive gets a V6 which delivers 260 horsepower with a six-speed automatic. The famous RC350 gets a standard V6 engine which is attached to an eight-speed automatic in case of rear-wheel drive, and a six-speed automatic in case of all-whee-drive, which delivers 311 horsepower.

If you ask the expert community, they would suggest you pick the RC 350, which has the best of what the Lexus RC offers.

How is the interior space in the 2023 Lexus RC?

How is the interior space in the 2023 Lexus RC

The 2023 Lexus RC goes through changes in the minor details on the interior, well, just the infotainment centre, as Lexus finally decides to keep up and make it a touchscreen.

Not only are the interiors stylish, comfortable for a sports car and spacious, but it also offers what you can expect in a luxurious sports car.

While the RC Sport variants offer much more luxurious and well-needed features for the front seats.

The front row is spacious, while the rear might be a little cramped. The cargo space, well, you can expect the same as you would expect in any sports car, a tiny one.

So, go lite or pick another drive of yours for a long trip with your friends.

What fuel economy does the 2023 Lexus RC offer?

When we told you that the Lexus RC is just a paper tiger, we weren’t kidding. The Lexus RC is underwhelming from some angles; the most spoken one would be fuel economy.

What fuel economy does the 2023 Lexus RC offer

While it is easily outperformed by its rivals, the RC 300 entry-level variant with rear-wheel drive offers 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

The worst disappointment came in when the RC 350 Sport offered the same fuel efficiency with an average of 29 mpg, making it less than impressive.

How much horsepower does a 2023 Lexus RC 350 F Sport have?

The 2023 Lexus RC 350 F Sport offers 311 horsepower with its V6 engine with both the all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive system.

Is the Lexus RC 350 F Sport a good sports car?

With many sports cars available, the Lexus RC 350 might not be that impressive when looking for comfort, luxury and performance as it does not deliver in the performance area.

The sports car is also ranked 16th among the others in its range.

How many seats are available in a 2023 Lexus RC sports car?

How many seats are available in a 2023 Lexus RC sports car

The two doored coupe Lexus RC offers two seats in the front row and two rear seats, making it a sports coupe that can fit four people.

The rear seats can be folded to make more space for cargo but you cannot fit in many even with that.

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