How to Keep Your Car Clean in Rainy Season?

Keeping your car clean in the rainy season can be a bit difficult because it is not easy to pull off and very draining to keep it clean, so let us be the ones to lend you our expertise.

The rainy season may bring a lot of good things for the land and people, but it is one of the biggest enemies of automobile maintenance and driving, so the rainy season is not the favourite for all auto buffs.

The flood, the mud and the difficulty that follows the next day to wash off the dried mud from the wheels and, oh, the worst of all, keeping the car mats clean becomes a nightmare, and there is no winning with the rainy season, so we know you can get all the help you can when it comes to it.

How to Keep Your Car Clean in Rainy Season
Keep Your Car Clean in Rainy Season

But on the other hand, if you are just looking for tips to wash your car without any overrated cleaners, then you can do it at home, and we have the best ways to keep them simple yet pristine here at Autoscooper.

Sometimes unmaintained cars in the rainy season can cause a host of troubles, from electrical issues to even rust formation. Hence, maintaining your car becomes a top priority to maintain the look of your vehicle and help in the long run.

Keep Your Car Clean in Rainy Season

Car Exterior Care

Keeping your car out of the thunderous side effects of pouring rain may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have do it to make sure your car is not affected in the long run.

Wash it clean

The most affected part of the vehicle in the rainy season is the exterior of the car. There is no helping it, but cleaning it out helps a lot.

Leaves, mud, and all kinds of dirt that wind and rain bring in end up on the exterior of your car and leaving it unwashed can actually spoil your car paint.

The only way this affects your car is if you leave it on for a long time, so make sure you give it a good car wash. Just wiping it down won’t help in this.

 Car care after rain
Keep Your Car Clean in Rainy Season

Ensure you wash your car thoroughly, removing all the dirt and leftovers from the drain. It is best advised to use car wash liquids to clean your car.

Covering it Up

Many think that it is best to keep your car protected in the rain by covering it up with a car cover. But that is where everything goes wrong.

This may help you fend off the leaves that wind brings in or even the mud and dirt and ultimately keep the water from going in, but that also has some harmful effects on the exterior paint of your car.

While the rain leaves your car cover stuck to your car, the worst is when the car is left unattended and the sun is out, which dries up the water, but the effect of the cover that protected the car from rain will be shown only now.

The wet cover tends to stick to the car, causing the coating of the car damage that does not go away with just cleaning the car again.

Knooks and Cranny

While maintaining the car’s appearance, many tend to forget that places that can easily store dirt, leaves, or any residue are the bonnet and boot of a car.

Even while washing the car, many forget these two places, which can leave dirt and leaf stay stuck in and can clog out the drainage leading the moisture to heighten, which can hasten the rusting.

So make sure you check the car for leaves or twigs stuck in the vehicle’s knooks and cranny.

Car Interior Care

While exterior care is not an easy task to keep up, interior care does not come up easily with the rainy season around. 

Car Odour

Keeping the odour out of the car becomes the most significant task when it comes to interior care of your vehicle for rainy reasons.

During the rainy season, the worst enemy for your car’s interior is wet shoes, clothes and other stuff, which can ruin the carpets and even the seats.

Not only do they ruin the appearance, the moisture, which is not cleaned up properly immediately, can give out the odour.

The best way to overcome this is by using newspaper on your car carpets and mats and covering your car seats with towels.

Newspapers can be replaced immediately once they are spoiled, and towels which cover the seat can be taken to wash out immediately, leaving the car odourless.

Well serviced Air Conditioner

Air Condition might not be the most needed facility for your car in the rainy season, but having it checked up can do wonders for your vehicle.

If the air conditioner is well maintained or has had proper spruce-up recently, then the filters help keep the moisture and any other particles brought in to a minimum because of the rain.

To do that, your air conditioner needs to be fully functional, so get your car checked up when the rainy season begins.

Keep your car defogged

The biggest threat comes in the form of fog while driving in the rain. Many cars are equipped with automatic defoggers for the front and back.

In that case, you need not worry about it, but if you do not have that option, do not clean it out with a towel that could leave marks on the car shield.

If your car is not equipped with a defogger, set your blower to max on Fresh Air mode, which will clear the fog out.

These hacks should do the trick for your car maintenance in the rainy season. It may look long and tiresome, but doing these can help you not only have a long-lasting journey with your car but will also help you save a lot on unnecessary troubles caused due to rain.

To keep yourself updated on everything and stay on top of every wave in the field of automobiles, stay tuned to Autoscooper.

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