When Can Aehra The SUV be Booked?

While Aehra The Sedan is making waves ever since its launch last weekend, many seem to pop up questions regarding The SUV too.

Aehra The SUV

While Aehra just released its Sedan’s exterior to the world, we have been lucky enough to know what the SUV looks like for a while and thanks to that we also have some interior ideas about how The Sedan will look.

If you are looking for a regular SUV then Aehra would not be your cup of tea but, if you plan on taking over everyone’s attention then fret not, Aehra SUV might be the right one for that.

What is Aehra?

Aehra would be the name you would be hearing a lot in the coming years in the automobile industry.

Aehra is an Italy-based automobile startup which is entering the luxury EV market and its first SUV and Sedan have been revealed to the world recently.

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While Aehra has made a good job snatching the Aventador designer, the style of its SUV and the Sedan has been proven more than drool-worthy.

What is Aehra The SUV?

If you are new here then the names given by Aehra would confuse you a little as the first SUV from Aehra is simply named The SUV.

What is Aehra The SUV

The same goes for its first sedan, it is called The Sedan. While it looks like they are going for something different here, we love the design and tech, but the name is still a little meh when compared to how groundbreaking the design looks.

What is the release date of the Aehra SUV?

Earlier it was announced that the Aehra SUV would begin production in 2026 and only be delivered in 2027, but while Aehra unveiled its Sedan recently, it is said that both the sedan and SUV are expecting a 2026 release date.

When can I book Aehra SUV?

It is hard not to fall in love with the Aehra SUV, but you would have to wait till 2024 for the booking slots to open.

There are chances that we will get better details and information we need on the SUV and the Sedan by the end of 2023.

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What is the range offered in Aehra SUV?

We cannot give you the exact estimate of the range offered by the Aehra SUV but according to Aehra, it is 500 miles per charge.

This is not your tested range yet but we expect this range to be true because Aehra seems to be confident that it could make it happen with the Miba Battery System’s help.

How is the exterior of the Aehra SUV?

aehra suv exterior

When you say Aehra SUV, the words ground-breaking come to mind because the SUV looks like nothing in the arena.

It is extraordinarily designed with style, modern elements and tech blending to give you the best luxury EV.

All four doors shoot straight up to heaven giving you maximum comfort while getting in and out and that does not stop there.

Even though the SUV looks nothing like your regular SUV, it is said that it can fit four NBA-sized players.

So, we are really excited to see it happen, and with the price tag it comes with, NBA players are the right mentions here.

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How is the interior of the Aehra SUV?

Aehra SUV Interior

The Aehra SUV’s interior makes it a class act as it stands extraordinarily modern with cutting-edge tech.

The dashboard is one big digital screen with side mirrors integrated into the cabin on both ends.

The screen gets elongated vertically when the car is parked to prep you even for a movie night.

You can choose between five or four-seater according to your preference. You need not worry about your infotainment module, because it stands alone as usual where you can do your navigational and other inputs at your convenience.

How much is the Aehra SUV?

After hearing all the features and tech used as of now, you know that the Aehra SUV will be expensive right?

Yes, as of now the price tag expected for the Aehra SUV may go up to $200k.

Let us keep you up to speed on everything happening in the automobile realm, so stay tuned!

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