What is Aehra The Sedan?

Looks like Italy is not done contributing to the automobile industry yet and the Aehra is said to make the land of immense beauty get electrified.

While we stay in the dark for most of the details, one thing you can count on Aehra is that it is ridiculously well designed making us wonder if it is really a startup.

Aehra The Sedan

Then again, it is thanks to its chief engineer who dabbled with Lamborghini, Audi and other luxury brands, so we should expect this to be a basic requirement.

Whatever the luxury EV brand has announced as of now about what it will be letting out in the market, has gained immense hype and the world is already awaiting the launch of the Aehra The Sedan.

What is Aehra?

To those who are a little outdated on the automobile news, Aehra is an up-and-coming Luxury EV startup which was made public in 2022.

The luxury car startup is based in Italy and has revealed only two cars as of now. One would be the “The SUV” which is an all-electric SUV and another would be the recently announced “The Sedan.”

What is Aehra The Sedan?

Recently Aehra announced that it will be launching its all-electric new sedan called the Aehra The Sedan.

Yes, that is the sedan’s name and even though the name is not something we would jump at, the design concept and everything we know so far has made the sedan the talk of the town.

The Sedan was unveiled yesterday in the Milano Monza Auto Show and the design and elements have captivated the audience already.

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When will the Aehra The Sedan be released?

Even though it was said the Aehra The Sedan will be delivered in 2027 previously, the report was modified and the Sedan is said to be delivered for the buyers in 2026.

Meaning, both The SUV and The Sedan are entering production in 2025 at full scale and as per reports, the end result is said to be parallel to the ones displayed as of now.

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When can I book Aehra The Sedan?

Even though official launch dates are not out yet, you can expect the deliveries to begin in 2026 so, the booking for Aehra The Sedan should open in 2024.

How much is the Aehra The Sedan?

The Sedan which will be the first luxury EV from Aehra, is said to get a price tag between $175,000 and $200,000.

The official price chart and the trims are not yet out, but given the range it offers and the high-end tech we witnessed in the SUV launch, this is a reasonable ask we guess.

What is the range offered in Ahera The Sedan?

The range offered in Ahera The Sedan is 497 to 500 miles per charge. This is the claim made by Aehra when it revealed its sedan recently but we have to wait to get the official range.

The battery used will be from Miba Battery Systems and is said to offer a top speed of 165 mph.

How does the Aehra The Sedan’s interior look?

Aehra has not yet revealed the interior of The Sedan and that has caused people to wonder how high-tech would this one look too.

If you guessed it from the exterior, it should be simply magnificent given that the Sedan has caused a revolution recently for its stylish design with four scissor doors and remarkable fuel efficiency too.

If The SUV is any indication, then you can expect the Sedan to get the same treatment with a fully digital dashboard which gives you everything you need while driving and then lets you extend it to an entertainment screen at a halt.

We are yet to know the insider details but whatever we have got until now, it is just making us more curious by the second so, giddy up and stay tuned to Autoscopper for updates.

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