Is KIA Better than Hyundai?

Hyundai has a long-lasting name in the automobile industry and it is undeniable. The Korean stalwart has taken over the economic car arenas worldwide and now its sibling KIA has been the talk of the town does that mean it is getting replaced?

To begin with, KIA has made some serious noise in the SUV market and many of its star rides are ranked among the top 5 in their leagues.

KIA Better than Hyundai

While Hyundai never made big on the SUV front, we cannot deny the impact the South Korean car giant has had on the automobile market.

KIA on the other hand does not have that much on its history but it has taken over the list of SUV makers worldwide.

While they may be called cousins or siblings because they share the same platform, powertrain, and well some features too, but still that does not make them the same and each has its pros and cons.

Given that you cannot break them apart in every category, it is better to go for the most obvious and attack the areas which matter and would help you get to a proper conclusion.

Is KIA safer than Hyundai?

What it comes to in the end is if the vehicle is safe for you to ride. No matter how much you spend or how fancy you get it customized,

Well, the number of features offered in both vehicles to ensure safety is similar but that does not change the fact that Hyundai has a higher safety score than KIA even if it is just by 0.4%

So, Hyundai takes the crown on the safety front.

Which brand has better interiors?

Well, Hyundai kinda dips in this category because of the average score dropping with models like Elantra, Accent and Santa Cruz.

While the KIA dropped out with better models from the get-go making its interior score better on average and major ones like the Seltos and Carnival pump it up a higher score.

And that is why the interior arena belongs to KIA.

Which one is more expensive Hyundai or KIA?

Here’s the thing, when it comes to major arenas both Hyundai and KIA take the crown and the same applies to the cost.

Which one is more expensive Hyundai or KIA

While both have cars on either side of the spectrum, if you take out the average score, they tie up on this front.

Which one has better performance, Hyundai or KIA?

Well, to be honest, the biggest disadvantage Hyundai is facing at the moment is that it has a lot of models which was dropped earlier as a way to navigate the market at that time.

That might be the reason why it gets a dip in the average score. But KIA even with an advantage over Hyundai in that, does not excel that much.

Both brands are equal but don’t make them the best in performance. So, even though they aren’t a big name for the performance angle, they both get tied up on this front too.

Which offers more fuel economy, KIA or Hyundai?

There is one benefit that you can pick from years of trial and error and that is learning which is better and what people look at when it comes to making a conclusion.

Yes, it always gets turned when the fuel economy is discussed, we cannot blame users though with the cost of the fuel right now. But electric cars do not have the issue on this front.

Anyway, with years of being in the industry, Hyundai has gotten better at this and that is why it takes the crown for fuel economy.

Hyundai’s new experiments with the Ioniq line did not go to waste, that is all we can tell for sure.

So, the conclusion would be that just pick the one you like and you think would give you the better advantage and give you the most out of what you spend, then that would be the perfect fit for you.

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