Will the 2024 Honda Civic Get A Hybrid Powertrain?

The Honda Civic is one car that needs no introduction no matter which corner of the Earth you walk into, thanks to its years of being the best family sedan.

One thing that got many talking about the Honda Civic since the 2022 fiasco along with admiring the millions of advantages the sedan offers is how Honda cut off the manual transmission in the famous family sedan.

Will the 2024 Honda Civic Get A Hybrid Powertrain

But, if you still prefer the manual transmission then you can opt for the hatchback which still has the best Honda Civic has to offer along with the manual transmission.

Now, do not let the lack of manual transmission make you decide against the Honda Civic as the family sedan is still as impressive as always and still reliable, affordable, good at everything a car can offer and more.

There are more rumours to add to the 2024 model year and that gossip has kept many from closing their eyes at night wondering if they would have to wake up from the dream.

A stunning visual, more than just eye candy along with being a ravishingly better ride than many out there, the Honda Civic does not even need to convince us how good it is, we just go at the sight of it without hesitating even a little.

With over nine trims offered, the sedan keeps half of its line in the affordable tag too.

Is the 2024 Honda Civic safe?

Oh, the magic word, which we need to be answered but are not sure about by just taking it for a test drive once. The Honda Civic on the other hand, no matter which year you pick, it manages to keep it safe.

The Honda Civic sedan remains as the epitome of a family sedan over the years and as expected the 2024 model year Honda Civic, also maintains the safe tag on it so, yes, the Civic 2024 is safe.

How reliable is the Honda Civic 2024?

You can wake up car buffs in the middle of the night’s sleep and ask what is the most preferred family sedan, they would automatically mumble Honda Civic.

No, we aren’t exaggerating, the name Honda Civic goes well with reliability better than many out there and thus the sedan has withstood over the years making its name in the automobile market.

So, yes the Honda Civic is reliable as the previous ones.

When will the 2024 Honda Civic be available?

The 2024 model year Honda civic is expected to be available by the end of 2023. If you are looking to book the Civic then, the booking should open anytime soon.

The 2024 model year has many new additions to the already charming and efficient family sedan making the hype behind this year worth every buzz and has made many get dizzy with the additions too.

Is there anything new in the 2024 Honda Civic?

The 2024 mode year Honda Civic will get better and goes up to a whole new level as it will add a hybrid powertrain to both the sedan and hatchback.

As far as the information regarding the hybrid powertrain goes, it is said that the setup will be similar to that of the Accord so you expect the Honda Civic to deliver even with the hybrid powertrain.

What is the cost of the 2024 Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic price list has not been announced yet, because of the additions that the sedan and hatchback will be facing, but we bring to you the estimated price chart.

What is the cost of the 2024 Honda Civic

Now, these prices may vary based on what can be added and dropped by Honda so, take these details with the possibility of reduction or addition that may occur.

The Honda Civic is offered in nine trims for the 2024 model year. The Honda Civic will get the hybrid powertrain for the first time ever and as expected the sedan and hatchback will both get the hybrid powertrain.

The entry-level trims LX Sedan, Sport Sedan and Sport Hatchback get an estimated price tag of $25,000, $26,000 and $27,000 respectively.

The Hybrid Sedan is expected to begin at a cost of $29,000 with EX Sedan and EX-L hatchback priced at $28,000 and $30,000 respectively.

The Hybrid hatchback is expected to start at a cost of $30,000 with the Touring Sedan and Sport Touring hatchback expected to get a price tag of $31,000 and $32,000 respectively.

How is the performance of the 2024 Honda Civic?

Well, like every other Honda Civic we have witnessed, this model year will also see a better-performing and more impressive sedan and hatchback from the Honda Civic nameplate.

With the hybrid powertrain joining the Honda Civic lineup, we are yet to witness how good it can be so, wait a little longer in order to get a better review on the hybrid powertrain if we know Honda Civic, which we definitely know, then it will be as impressive as the traditional powertrain.

No, you need not worry about the gasoline powertrains being swapped for hybrid, it is impossible to see that day, so you need not worry about that happening as of now and just enjoy the option of getting a hybrid powertrain as an option.

Will the Honda Civic get a new engine?

As of now, even though the hybrid powertrain has been announced to follow the Accord setup, no other change in the engine has been announced.

According to Honda, the engine will be the same where the base trims will come with a default 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine which delivers 158 horsepower.

The remaining trims get a default turbocharged 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine which delivers 180 horsepower.

All the Honda Civic models just get a front-wheel drive system which will be paired to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). From 2022 the Honda Civic sedan will no longer get a manual transmission.

But the hatchback still has the manual transmission with six-speed manual transmission in its powertrain lineup.

What is the fuel economy offered in the Civic?

The fuel economy offered in the Honda Civic has always been worthy of praise and the Honda Civic keeps up the good work too.

The mid-level trims EX is what offers the most efficient fuel economy in the Civic lineup and that is 33 mpg in the city and 42 mpg on the highway. The hatchback on the highway offers a little less with 36 mpg.

How is the interior of the Honda Civic


The Honda Civic may stay the same when it comes to cabin space and might get some extra cargo space for this new model year.

The changes made to the dashboard and centre console cluster are visible and make the Civic more modern and neat to look at.

Is the 2024 Honda Civic worth buying?

Whenever someone asks if the Honda Civic is worth buying you will always get a big “YES” from us and it might be the same from many when it comes to the Civic.

The sedan and even the hatchback have maintained reliability, affordability and even good performance along with fuel economy as some of its biggest advantages.

The Honda Civic just sells itself, everything about the car has remained affordable from stylish to everything more and the Honda Civic definitely remains pleasing to the eyes, well to be honest, it gets better with every upgrade.

With the Honda Civic, you can count on it to serve another year of family shoppers offering everything from safety to style to affordability, and that is why we at Autoscooper thought it was worth bringing everything we picked on the Honda Civic to your screens for you to pursue.

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