When will the Jaguar Electric Four-Door GT Be Launched?

Jaguar Electric Four-Door GT

With everything and everyone speeding up the technology offered in a car to so much more, the Jaguar joined the game earlier too and now it is awaiting an electric four-door GT.

While the claims are high along with higher stakes, the electric four-door GT is said to be the best one ever from the Jaguar with a bombastic range making everyone that hears the details, wonder if it is ever possible.

The coming years look like a big deal for many car makers around the world and that applies to Jaguar too as it has big plans to launch three all-new models in the coming years.

Jaguar Electric Four-Door GT

And as a matter of fact, one of the said models which is said to launch the Jaguar into a bright future is the electric four-door GT.

The details of the four-door GT have not been officially announced yet but, with what we have received, this GT might be a force to be reckoned with.

When will the Jaguar electric Four-Door GT be released?

This electric four-door GT from Jaguar which is yet to receive an official name yet is said to make its launch by the end of 2023.

But the luxury sedan is expected to only hit the roads by 2025. No official date has been announced yet but you can get the name and a few more details on this four-door electric GT any time soon.

What is the cost of the Jaguar electric Four-Door GT?

With very few details available about the Jaguar electric Four-Door GT, the price tag of this luxury car has been announced so, it is said to be around $124,000.

The trims that will be available have not been made known but the starting price is around $124,000, and optional additions or packages may add to the price tag.

This electric sedan will get much more than can be guaranteed as it is a new Jaguar after so long and that alone is enough to expect the hype to go frenzy.

The tiny teaser video does not give out much but some claim that this might be sent out to rival the successful Porsche Taycan sedan.

What is the range offered in the new Jaguar electric Four-Door GT?

The new Jaguar electric Four-Door GT is claimed to offer 430 miles per charge and that is said to be a hike among many others in its league.

But the 430 miles is an estimate and some experts claim that the rough range that can be delivered if the Jaguar hits the US market is around 300 miles per charge.

But what has many eyes drop in surprise is the claim that this will be the best Jaguar ever in terms of performance.

That alone has many tuning in for many details and along with it we were told that a new electric platform called JEA will built and used for this new electric luxury sedan.

What is the horsepower expected in the new Jaguar electric Four-Door GT?

Given that the Jaguar just announced this electric Four-Door GT as the most powerful one ever, it is expected to deliver a minimum of 600 horsepower.

With the already available ones in the current timeline delivering 575 horsepower thanks to the supercharged V-8 gas engine, this EV should transcend it.

The details of the EV might be available by the second half of 2023 as the electric sedan is built in the UK and is said to make its debut any time now.

To know more about this mysterious electric four-door GT, stay tuned to Autoscooper as we bring you the scoop you need.

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