When will the 2024 KIA Seltos be Released?

2024 KIA Seltos

It may not be the KIA Soul but the KIA Seltos is not something you can take lightly and every stepping year, we get proven right about picking the Seltos as a worthy KIA and the 2024 Seltos is making its way.

The KIA Seltos is getting the beautification in and out for the 2024 model year and the rumours have it that it will be one of the best ones yet and the hype behind the 2024 model year Seltos is going up as expected.

2024 KIA Seltos

Well, if you are going to compare it with the KIA Soul which is much higher in rank among the subcompact crossovers, then you can but do not underestimate the KIA Seltos by any means.

As the redesigned ones are better in case of style and the other advantages of the subcompact still hold stronger and, to be honest, the Seltos is better at all departments now as we get updates from top to the bottom even the transmission are getting added for the 2024 model year.

Among the subcompact crossover cars, the KIA Seltos is ranked eighth and that cannot be a bad rank considering the rest are in the same league starting from the Mazda CX-30 to Kona to Soul to everything more.

When will the 2024 KIA Seltos be released?

The 2024 KIA Seltos was expected to be released in the Spring of 2023 but as of now no official date for the release of 2024 KIA Seltos has been announced.

But you can expect the KIA Seltos to be released by the first half of 2023 and the bookings should open sooner.

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Will the 2024 KIA Seltos get redesigned?

Yes, the 2024 KIA Seltos will get modified both inside and out and the modifications made will not be limited to that even under the hood you get changes.

Notable exterior changes are the new wheel design along with the highlights and changes made in the exterior lighting features.

The major interior changes in the dashboard area are the two large screens and another would be the new shift lever which will get replaced by a rotary controller.

Another change would be the upgrade of the optional powertrain, a turbo 1.6-litre four-cylinder gets, which gets an upgrade to 195 horsepower which is 20 points higher than the outgoing models. The seven-speed automatic transmission also gets replaced by an eight-speed automatic.

If you are in the category that thinks the KIA Seltos lacks more ruggedness, then you need not worry anymore as the 2024 model year will be getting a new trim X-Line which will satisfy that need.

What is the price of the 2024 KIA Seltos?

The 2024 KIA Seltos will have five trims for the 2024 model year and the X-Line will be the new edition.

The base trim, LX will be priced at $25,715 while the S trim will be next priced at $26,315. The EX trim, the most recommended one will be priced at $27,115.

The newly added X-Line trim will get a price tag of $30,015 and the range-topping trim, SX will get a heavy $31,315 to it.

Will the 2024 KIA Seltos get new engines?

No, the 2024 KIA Seltos will not get new engines but the optional turbo 1.6-litre four-cylinder will be paired with the new eight-speed automatic transmission and will deliver an upgraded 195 horsepower.

The other default engine would be the 2.0-litre engine paired with a CVT that offers 147 horsepower. Except for the S and EX trims, every trim will get a standard all-wheel drive.

What are the colours offered in the 2024 KIA Seltos?

The colours offered in 2024 KIA Seltos as of now are

  • Snow White Pearl
  • Gravity Gray
  • Fusion Black
  • Pluton Blue
  • Starbright Yellow,
  • Dark Ocean Blue,
  • Clear White with Cherry Black
  • Pluton Blue with Cherry Black Dual Tone
  • and Dark Ocean Blue with Cherry Black Dual Tone

Is the 2024 KIA Seltos worth buying?

Yes, the 2024 KIA Seltos is worth buying as it offers a smooth ride, has good handling and offers a comfortable and good ride.

The cost is better compared to many rivals and the fuel economy is better too. The safety features offered in Seltos are good and not to forget the cabin space offered in Seltos is much better even compared to the KIA Soul.


2024 Kia Seltos Made in Which Country?

South Korea

What type of car is the Kia Seltos?

small five-seat crossover

What kind of engine is in the Kia Seltos?

2.0L Inline-4 Gas
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