Electric BMW 5 Series Debuts: When will the 2024 BMW i5 be Launched?

When will the 2024 BMW i5 be Launched

BMW does not get enough with every new launch and this time it has decided to get the i5 sedan to go electric and you need not wait long for the 2024 model.

The mid-size sedan will get two trims and is expected to reveal itself for bookings in 2024 but you can expect more details on this electric sedan soon as it is said that it will enter production in 2023.

When will the 2024 BMW i5 be Launched
BMW 5 Series

If you are wondering about the gasoline-powered 5 series, fear not, the gasoline-powered sedan will be available and not to forget, it will be launching its new generation and the electric i5 will just be the bonus ardent BMW 5 series fans will receive.

While the rivals that the BMW i5 will face will give it a hard race, let us get the i5 on-road and test it to know who gets out as the conqueror in the end.

When will the 2024 BMW i5 be launched?

The 2024 BMW i5 will be entering production in 2023 and the BMW i5 will be launched and be ready for booking in 2024 along with the 5 series gasoline models as 2024 models.

If you are looking eagerly to buy the new generation 5 series, then we get it completely as the new generation seems promising as usual.

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What is the cost of the 2024 BMW i5?

The 2024 BMW i5 will offer two trims, each with its advantage, and the cost varies based on that.

The base trim, eDrive40 is estimated to launch with a price tag of $70,000 while the range-topping M60 xDrive is expected with a price tag of $85,000.

But, these price charts are not official yet, there may be a hike or if we are lucky even a sink in the price estimated, so take these numbers with room for change.

The 2024 BMW i5 will be the first of its type with an electric engine and some claim that it was used as a bridge to mend the gap between the i4 and i7 we think the i5 will manage by being nothing but exceptional.

What will be the difference between BMW 5 series and BMW i5?

The most notable difference between the BMW 5 series and the new BMW i5 would be the engine, well the most known as of now is that the BMW 5 series will remain as gasoline-powered while the i5 will get an electric powertrain.

We don’t have enough details about the two sedans to know everything that will be different between the two but as of now, the engines will remain as the only difference we know in terms of technicality and features.

Other than that, the trims and horsepower offered along with the cost are definitely expected to differ among both the sedans.

What is the range offered in the 2024 BMW i5?

Unfortunately, the range offered by the 2024 BMW i5 has not been announced yet but the horsepower of both trims is known.

As of now, we can assure you that eDrive40 will deliver 335 horsepower and will have a single electric motor attached to the rear wheel.

The M60 xDrive trim will deliver 590 horsepower and to hype things up, this trim will get another electric motor attached to the front axle.

The range has not been made official yet but many estimate it to be 250 miles per charge for the eDrive40 and the M60 xDrive will get a range of 300 miles per charge.

The battery that the 2024 BMW i5 will get is the 83.9-kWh battery and regarding the charging time and everything else, we might have to be a little bit more patient.

Stay tuned to Autoscooper to learn more about the 2024 BMW i5 and its upcoming updates.

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