When will Ford Mustang 2024 be Released?

Ford Mustang 2024 is about to bring in the stir every muscle car fanatic is about to enjoy to the max. Ford HQ unveiled their 2024 all-new updated Mustang on September 2022.

While the last major update was really back in 2015, believe it or not, no other car giant can get away without updating the models this long, but apparently, Ford can, and they did.

When will Ford Mustang 2024 be Released

So, this new unveiling with an updated model set to drop in 2023 is the talk of the town because Ford has brought in the much-needed changes but not completely give into the trend.

Now, who wouldn’t want to ride a Ford Mustang? It is both a sports car and a muscle car focusing on speed and comfort, which has always been why the car was a hit.

When will the Ford Mustang 2024 be released?

Experts have been predicting the new generation of Ford Mustang for a while now, and well, they were right to do so as the last generation dropped back in 2015.

The next generation was supposed to drop in 2022, making it the 2023 model, but according to Ford HQ, which announced the new generation to the world, it also announced that the car will be ready to hit the roads only in 2023, which makes the new Ford Mustang 2024 model.

As Ford stays true to its pony car image, the said generation will be challenging the likes of Camero and Surpa by next summer, according to the official statement.

How much is Ford Mustang 2024?

Ford Mustang 2024 will be dropping next summer, and it has already created the buzz that Mustang remodel definitely should have.

Even though the official statement did not include the pricing chart, Ford is notoriously known for aggressively hiking the prices when it comes to remodelling, so we know it ain’t gonna go down than what you have in mind.

The current base model for Mustang begins at $28,865 for an EcoBoost with a six-speed stick. And the base model with V-8 powered GT begins at $39,440 with a six-speed stick.

Even though experts predict that the seventh-generation Ford Mustang will not be below the sixth generation, the factor of need still comes to play here.

Due to the 7-year gap between the last remodel, the sale of the Ford Mustang has been steadily decreasing, so hiking the price above will hurt the sales of the Ford Mustang 2024.

And over the top priced Shelby model that fits into Ford’s signature in recent years will be produced shortly after the release of the 7th generation Ford Mustang.

What are the changes in Ford Mustang 2024?

Ford will be retaining its v-8, unlike its competitor Dodge which will be losing its v-8, going completely electrical for the next generation.

According to several rumours that some officials finally confirmed, the 5.0-litre V8 engine will turn into a 6.8-litre V8 engine.

Even though Ford has kept the lid on this sealed, experts predict that it might be the case and that massaging the old engine to produce a bit more horsepower won’t work anymore in the market.

But according to the unveiling this September, the factors that made Ford Mustang an icon remain intact.

As of now, a 5.0-litre V8 engine, a six-speed stick and rear-wheel drive, including everything that made it to everything that it is up to the day, remain the same in the new generation, according to the statement released.

While the pony car maintains its recognizable exterior with sheet metal, it gives it a more aggressive and modern look rather than the sexy, edgy look it is said to emit, according to the PR statement by Ford.

Since Mustang Mach-E fulfils the need for all-wheel drive and becomes the car for practical and much-needed updates in Mustang, the OG remains true to its roots and does not hit the ones that made it the superstar in the muscle car industry.

The old headlights have been replaced by three LEDs which also fulfil the role of turn signal indicators. To keep the modern look and satisfy the updated audience, the grille got the modern aggressive transformation while the other features stay true to its root.

But it cannot be said the same for the interior as it gets the touch of modern a little too well from the steering wheel to the control system; changes are wildly visible.

The drastic change would still be in the infotainment and gauge cluster area as the analog style of Mustang is dropped, and digital becomes the phenomenon.

The 7th generation will also have a never-before-seen notable difference between its base model and the GT version. The base model is more toned down in style, while the GT varies entirely on the exterior with the aggressive add-on designs which have been added to give the modern touch.

Another notable feature would be the Remote Rev which gives the owners the added benefit of starting and revving the car from the outside.

In addition to the iconic six-transmission stick, the new 7th-generation Mustang will also get a 10-speed automatic. This remains an option, so the purists need not worry about the manual transmission being discontinued.

Ford takes it a step ahead by adding a Performance Electronic Parking Brake designed with the help of professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr.

While the brake serves as a standard mechanical hand brake in regular driving, it shifts into an electronic drift brake when the car is in track mode. Ford has announced that this feature was built for novice drivers to pump up their drifting skills.

What are the colours and customization available in Ford Mustang 2024?

The new Ford Mustang 2024 will launch with 12 different wheel designs, various calliper colours for the Brembo brakes (only in Performace Pack), and a traditional and robust selection of exterior paints.

With Ford adding in some of the much-needed updates and still staying true to its roots when it comes to the all-new Mustang 2024, it would be a treat for pony car fanatics.

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