What is a Ferrari F40? New Hypercar to take over The Torch in 2025!

To the car buffs who dedicate their breath and energy to cars Ferrari F40 was a dream car that was never theirs, the news of the new Ferrari Hypercar hits the world, so we go down memory lane.

The F40 holds the legacy of being the fastest, most expensive yet the most powerful car when it was in production and that brought in people around the world to star at them in awe the price tag on it back then was no joke either.

ferrari f40

Even though they have been not in production for a while now, the Ferrari F40 still sparks up every car lover’s eyes when uttered.

But it did not just stop there, Ferrari decided to build the LaFerrari and stirred up the inner demon in all car buffs wanting to own one no matter what.

The LaFerrari was the first hybrid production of the Ferrari and not to mention the most powerful one to be known at the time.

Now, we have news that the new hypercar from Ferrari which is set to launch for the 2025 model year, will be taking over the F40 and LaFerrari’s legacy.

When will the new 2025 Ferrari Hypercar be launched?

We do not have an official date of release however we know that we can expect to launch in 2024 or early 2025.

As of now, many spy shots have been leaked around the internet so, that means they are not just our imagination anymore and that we are really getting a new Ferrari Hypercar.

But do not worry, you will get a better look at the hypercar in 2023 and one without any sheets on it and is not illegal to film.

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What engine will the new 2025 Ferrari Hypercar get?

We have news on the 2025 Ferrari Hypercar following the footsteps of the legendary LaFerrari but we also have some bad news on that front.

The Laferrari did get a 6.3-litre F140 FE V12 with an additional electric motor and the added bonus of the KERS system, inspired by Formula 1, but the new hypercar will not get a V12.

The downgrade in the engine is made up by the powerful hybrid powertrain so do not worry about the power it will churn.

Bets are high on either a 3.0-litre V6 or a 4.0-litre V8 so fingers crossed until we get the official confirmation.

This all-new 2025 Ferrari Hypercar is set to deliver 1000 horsepower which would make it the most powerful Ferrari and also surpass the LaFerrari which delivered 950 horsepower.

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How much is the new 2025 Ferrari Hypercar?

While Ferrari is aiming to make this one of the most powerful cars in its history, you can expect the price tag to come in at least $2 million while other competitors do not shy away from slapping that expensive price tag on theirs too.

What is the name of the new 2025 Ferrari Hypercar?

While the new 2025 Ferrari Hypercar is right now code-named F250, that will not be the tag it will be taking to the roads.

We are unsure if it will get any name with the play in numbers thanks to its spiritual forefather the F40 or a derivation of the brand’s name like its hybrid godfather the LaFerrari, or totally something different.

Whatever it is given that it is taking its inspiration from the F40 and the legendary LaFerrari, it will definitely not fall from our expectations.

So, stay tuned to Autoscooper as we bring you everything you need to know about Ferrari’s new hypercar.

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