Is the 2023 Honda Accord Redesigned? Star Player Sedan Back With Mindblowing Visuals

The Honda Accord is as strong as it is in its game as it was in 2017 when it first dropped out and with the redesigned Accord, Honda has its mark already set on taking over 2023. Well, while it already seemed like a perfect sedan in more ways than one, Honda still decided to make some changes.

Is the 2023 Honda Accord Redesigned

While Accord is a must-have if you are just in the market for a family sedan then you would love the 2023 one even more because honestly the one thing that could have done better in Accord was the exterior appearance.

The 2023 Accord gets some exterior stylings making the family sedan a bit more stylish than its normal mundane look, well it has it all now it’s time it dresses up for the part.

But that is not all the changes that we would be seeing in the 2023 Accord and some of the changes might not be the most loved ones by loyal customers but not all of them are bad.

If you are a fan of Accord and planning on getting a new one to replace your old one, then we would say you jump at it and think no further.

But, let us be honest it is impossible for Honda to miss when it comes to Accord and we all collectively agree to it since 2017.

Let us be your guide to know what all has been redesigned to make another list of why Accord stays on top of must-buys every year.

What is the release date of the 2023 Honda Accord?

The 2023 Honda Accord has been launched already on January 4th 2023. If you are looking to book your new Accord, then you can do so now.

Honda Accord can be booked online or by visiting a nearby Honda showroom. If you got a nearby dealership, you can visit one to check if they got the 2023 Accord for a test drive yet and experience the sedan and book it.

What is the cost of the 2023 Honda Accord?

What is the cost of the 2023 Honda Accord

The 2023 Honda Accord gets six trims. While the Hybrid engine is made standard in all the trims, the LX and EX, the entry-level variants will alone remain with a turbocharged 1.5-litre four-cylinder gas engine.

The entry-level, LX and EX are priced at $28,390 and $30,705. The Hybrid models start from the next trim.

The Sport Hybrid is priced at $32,990 and the highly recommended EX-L Hybrid is priced at $34,635. EX-L Hybrid is just perfect from all angles and gives you the best at the best cost-effective price too.

The range top models, Sport-L Hybrid and Touring Hybrid is priced at $34,970 and $38,950.

Is the 2023 Honda Accord getting redesigned?

The exterior of Honda Accords goes through significant beautification and that is not it for the 11th generation Accord.

One thing that remains unchanged is that Accord is still on the top shopper’s list. Except for the entry-level trims, everything else gets the standard hybrid powertrain.

The stylings have been borrowed from other newly redesigned Honda star lineups. Even the infotainment goes through change and so does the digital gauge display cluster making the interior more on the upper side of techy.

What engines does the 2023 Honda Accord have?

What engines does the 2023 Honda Accord have

The base level LX and EX come with a turbocharged 1.5-litre four-cylinder gas engine which delivers 192 horsepower and is attached with a CVT transmission. The base trims come standard with front-wheel drive.

The remaining hybrid trims come attached with a four-cylinder hybrid system that delivers 204 horsepower borrowed from the Honda CR-V.

Does the interior of the 2023 Honda Accord have changes?

The interior gets changes and takes up the family resemblance which is borrowed from the likes of the newly redesigned CR-V and the rest.

Does the interior of the 2023 Honda Accord have changes

The base level trims are left with cloth upholstery, and the remaining get leather. The air vents get modernized and resemble CR-V ones making them more edgy and stylish.

The front seats have been redesigned to be made into better support and comfortable seating for passengers and drivers.

But nothing affects the cargo space as the designers maintain the 16.7 cubic feet for the cargo unit.

What is the fuel economy offered in the 2023 Honda Accord?

The 2023 Hybrid Honda Accord models offer a fuel economy of 51 mpg in the city and 48 mpg on the highway.

The non-hybrid models might get the same economy rate as the outgoing models thus delivering, 30 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway.

Honda Accord has never let us down and this year it has taken the most loved family sedan to a new level with a beautifully redesigned exterior and interior.

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